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Fenimore Asset Management Trust

FAM Value Fund

Active ShareDec 31, 2019


Active Share with respect to the benchmark


Equity Allocation

Active Share by StyleDec 31, 2019


Active Share Over Time

Holdings Duration

Active Fee

Fenimore Asset Management Trust: FAM Value Fund
Share Class Ticker Expense Ratio (per year) Active Fee (per year)
Institutional Class Shares FAMWX 1.00% ...
Investor Class Shares FAMVX 1.19% ...

Source: Morningstar®

Active Fee Info
Enter passive fee: %

Active Fee is the annual expense ratio of the fund adjusted for the Active Share with respect to the self-declared benchmark and the expenses of investing in the self-declared benchmark index. Active Fee was introduced in a paper by Martijn Cremers and Quinn Curtis ("Do Mutual Fund Investors Get What They Pay For? The Legal Consequences of Closet Index Funds", 2016, Virginia Law & Business Review 11(1), 31-93). As our default, we calculate the Active Fee assuming that the benchmark index is available at no cost, but users have the option to input the costs associated with investing in the benchmark index and adjust the Active Fee for such costs. The precise formula for the Active Fee is as follows: Active Fee = [ER - (1-AS)*PF]/AS, where AS = Active Share, ER = Expense Ratio, PF = Passive Fee. Under our default assumption that PF = 0, Active Fee = ER / AS, or the ratio of the expense ratio over the Active Share.